Cheers from Strømmen, Norway

Hi all. Quick introduction of myself.
Homebrewer running Taplist on a screen in my brewery. 3 taps with plaato Keg and growing.

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Welcome aboard, Are! It’s great to have another brewer from Norway. We’re working on translations, but aside from that please shout if you see ways we can localize better.

I was in Norway last summer, your country is very beautiful and the beers were quite tasty! Didn’t get a lot of city photos but here’s one small brewery I enjoyed (should be easy to locate :slight_smile:

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Thanks Mikey. That brewery is quite easy to locate :laughing: They make some very interesting variants of norwegian farmhouse ales. Looks like you were fairly lucky with the weather too​:sun_behind_small_cloud:

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Welcome, Are! I’m also a home brewer with 3 taps and Plaato Keg :slight_smile:

Although I’ve never been to your beautiful country, our two daughters visited several years ago and had quite the adventure meeting distant relatives in Nord-Aurdal!

I’d be very interested in hearing what styles you’re brewing.


Thanks Bassooner.

Nord-Aurdal is one of many amazing places in the west of Norway. I live in the east, near Oslo, so the external scenery is less dramatic here. I feel I’m style-agnostic, but I keep coming back to Belgian beers, not the Trappist ones, but wit, blondes, saisons. IPA’s and NEIPA’s are also quite frequently in stock, and the odd traditional Norwegian farmhouse ales. Right now, my keezer contains a hoppy hefeweizen, and two APA’s. My fermenter has a Belgian wit with a Norwegian flare using Voss kveik :star_struck:

What’s on your taps?

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A picture of my newly built keezer and the taplist screen.

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