Change Look and Feel for each individual display

I’d like to be able to change the Look and Feel for each separate display that I have. This would allow me to display my 8 main faucets on one display with Griddy 2.0 and display my portable Garage kegerator (with 2 faucets) utilizing a different display that will look better with only 2 beverages displayed. Thanks!

We to would like the ability to change the look and feel based on display. We have one sign in portrait mode and the others in landscape. Is this a feature that may be coming?

Ah, great! This feature has been supportable under the hood, but I left it off for simplicity. Now that someone needs it, I’ll look into the easiest way to introduce it. (Most folks have only a single display / layout, so this will be exposed as an ‘advanced’ option).


I imagine this would let me mix in a vertical display. I have horizontal displays in the restaurant but want a vertical screen in the lounge and so far that has not been possible.

Technically you can do that today: Pair both displays, click over to the second display under Displays, and change orientation. You will have two displays, same theme same settings, but one in portrait mode.

What you can’t do is change the theme or other settings individual to a display - so better hope it’s to your liking both ways.

(If you already knew this and I’m just getting tripped up on semantics, apologies! Feature request still noted!)

I couldn’t get this to work. It was displaying the horizontal info in the middle of the vertical display and cutting it off. The orientation of the content was correct, but the form of the content was still set for horizontal display. I kept trying to fiddle with settings but never got it functional.

Yeah headed this way but the landscape displays is much bigger so was going to add some bells and whistles to the display. Looking forward to this feature.

Any update on this our patio is doing well and would like to add a second display same list with some different bells and whistles

Any update on this? Is it available to have different themes for different displays.

Hey Jay! Thanks for the nudge. This is coming very soon; we’re just closing out some theme-related bugs first. Expect an update within the next week or two. Cheers!