Change illustration color with SRM

Bev Database:
If I add SRM for my beer, the illustration absolutely should change accordingly. If you need a way to convert from SRM to RGB, just ask. I worked this out a long time ago.

Hi, welcome to the forum. The feature does work that way. Are you seeing a situation where beverage illustration is not following the SRM?

More detail:

OK, you’re right. My confusion was that the glass illustration on the Bev Database screen didn’t change immediately, so I assumed SRM wasn’t being used. There I go assuming again!

Thanks for the reply.

Ok, phew!

There are probably a handful of places where the dashboard doesn’t update immediately, until Save is pressed. I’ll still consider that a bug worth fixing, just a lower severity one. (Missing something as basic as “set the color on the menu from the SRM” would indeed be severe :slight_smile: )

The color on the glass shown above does NOT change when save is clicked. In fact, in this screen, it never changes based on SRM. The only indication SRM is being used for anything is when you leave this screen and view the beer in the Keg Room or other locations.

So, yes, the result is that the SRM is used, but the creation process is not intuitive and will not give new users (me) confidence in their work.

Thanks for the reply.

This should now be fixed, thanks!

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well I’ll be darned… that was quick! Thanks Mike.

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