Change account name

Is there any way to change the account name? For example mine is master22 and I would like to change it to Disarray Brewhouse. Is that possible?

You can now! Check out the new “Account” tab at the top once you’re logged in.

And stay tuned in that space for more goodies :wink:

Thank you. Worked great!

Can you confirm where we can change our Account name? I just checked the Account tab and found where I can change my password or email address, but can’t find where I can change my Account name.

Hey there!

  • For changing the title of your menu: Click on Location Info and modify the title. Don’t forget to press save!
  • For changing your menu’s web URL: Click Web Settings on the left, then click Web Address. Note: This feature is only available for paying customers.

Got it, I was looking in the wrong spot. Thanks for the quick reply!

no problemo! cheers :beers:

Is this still the place to find it or have I had too many beers tonight? I go into locations and can’t find a way to modify the title.

Both can be true :slight_smile:

You still edit your location’s name and other information in the main dashboard, under “Location Info” on the left side. Direct link:

Thanks Mikey. Looks like the latter was more correct :joy:

Thank you! :slight_smile:

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