Cant seem to edit details for beers like ABV & IBU

Getting ready to update and start using my taplist that I created months ago, but now I cant find any of the data fields (ABV and IBU) for any of the beers I’ve entered thus far. I created a new beer and again - no data fields. Any thoughts?
While I’m asking,… how much longer until price fields are added? This seems like a basic thing.

At the bottom of the entry there should a link for “show advanced options” that’ll let you add SRM, ABV, IBU, OG/FG

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Hey @karlsmilliron - did this solve your question?

Yes, it did. Thank you very much.
When do you think you will have data fields for price? I’m opening in a few weeks and right now I can only bury the price inside the description.
I’ve shown taplist to a great many people and everyone loves it! Very good work.Thank you.