Can't add a keg from iphone

I am able to end keg from the iphone, but when I try to add a new keg from existing or new, I can’t see what is being typed and am not able to click the add new keg button or whatever it is because I am not able to scroll down far enough the see it. On the computer or ipad it works fine but on the phone, it does not work to add a new keg. Thoughts? Help? thanks

Would you mind sharing a screnshot (here, or DM me?) Thanks!

You can’t pull up the page, and if you X out the keyboard obviously you can’t type the beer in.

Thanks! Working on a fix, please try reloading.

Just wanted to point out … I tried this earlier on my iPhone and it worked fine. Note: My “From Existing Beverage” tab is the the right of “From New Beverage” tab, rather than below. I entered my Beverage Name in the “Search Beverages” field and the keg was added to the tap automagically.