Cannot login via Chrome on PC

Is anyone else having trouble logging in via Chrome? Firefox and Edge give me no issues when logging in. Neither does when Chrome on my iPhone. But when trying to login via Chrome on my PC, I get the following error:

Form verification failed.
Something unexpected occurred; this error has been reported and we will look at it soon.

Using the same username and password in all browsers and devices.

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This may happen in rare cases if you have a stale login form cached in your browser. Try the following:

  1. Ensure other tabs are closed.
  2. Navigate to the login page:
  3. Force reload of that page by holding CTRL (windows) and pressing the browser Reload button.
  4. Enter email and password and log in

Still not working. Tried the steps you outlined as well as clearing cache and cookies in Chrome. Still getting this error when trying to login.

Hmm, that’s unusual. Can you try this incognito tab as well? Just to rule things out.

Worked via an incognito tab. Cleared cache and cookies in Chrome again, making sure it was set to All Time. Still getting the error. very strange!

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Strange indeed! Do you happen to have a display running on the same browser (eg from these instructions)?

No. Only logged in as a display on a FireStick