Can it be made possible to letter or name a tap instead of just numbering it?

We have two sets of taps in separate locations. As such it would be beneficial to be able to have one set labeled A, B, C, D, etc while the others are listed as 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 etc. Alternative thoughts are list them by colour, or left to right (on the left, in the center, second from the right, etc)

This would let us set up displays and manage our virtual keg room with a single account which obviously adds to simplicity.

And of course, thank you so much for putting this system together - it sure adds a lot of wow factor.

Our venue also has taps in multiple locations, 1-9 in one zone, and 10-15 in another. This works for us, might it solve your situation as well?

yeah, it might. I have 5 in one and 6 at the other though, so it wouldn’t be quite as intuitive… but that might work

To help our servers I also have the tap towers numbered. It’s worked out really well. We also do flights, so having the numbers on the board, the digital sign, and the towers means we just write the number on the flight glass with a chalk marker. I’ve ordered a lot of flights in a lot of venues, and this system works better than just about anything I’ve seen so far.

Nice. I’m just serving at my house and that of my brew buddy - but I’ve recommended the same system you seem to have implemented to the brewpub around the way. I still don’t understand why they wouldn’t do it. Apparently they’re worried about it making things feel like ordering a number 5 meal at a fast food joint. Do you find that there is much of that, or is it more - I can’t pronounce that etc?

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Oops, missed this. Honestly people are super stoked that they can just order a flight and tell me the numbers. It definitely helps since beers these days can have strange names. I also have table tents with the URL and a qr code that send them to the taplist. I have only gotten positive feedback on the flights and signage.

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that’s what I was thinking. I know there have been beers I wasn’t sure about the pronunciation for in the past.

The QR Codes is pretty smart too

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