Can I use iPad 2?

Hi there,

I have an old iPad 2 which I haven’t been using for a few years now. I would like to use it as my digital tap list, but due to how old it is I am not able to install the iOS taplist app. Will I be able to display the Website version instead? I know that old Safari doesn’t work very well with some new websites.

Hey there! Hmm - this might not be supported. We don’t have a real iPad 2 in the lab, but we just did a test with an online emulator & the web browser, and it doesn’t seem to work.

We love giving devices a “second lease on life” (& keeping more ewaste out of the landfill), so we’ll see if we can figure out a way to support it. But unfortunately right now it looks like no.

Thanks for checking this for me! Unfortunate but understandable, it is an ancient device by today’s standards…

I’m having the same application. My application is hobby Homebrew bar. I Want to repurpose an iPad 2 and either simply use safari, or possibly download a screenshot from photos app, and display in kiosk mode. (this thing is so old it doesn’t even support airplay). I’m happy to pay the annual hobby fee, but haven’t activated yet, since i don’t want it to be a waste if it doesn’t work. Would you guys be willing to refund me the $30/40 (i forget) if i try it for a few weeks, and it doesn’t work? If i come up with a solution, I’ll post it back here. There are a lot of people with old iPads hanging around, and for small keezer/bar apps, a tablet is more practical than a TV.

Absolutely! It’s both within the letter of our refund policy (no questions asked in your first 30 days), plus the spirit of what we do more generally - if you aren’t happy or it doesn’t work, we’ll make it right.

Good luck and shout here or support@ if we can help - love the initiative of giving old devices a new life.