Beta Announcement: comes to Roku!

No updates yet - definitely not dead. Just working through it (it’s a bit of a pain). Will keep you posted here… soon, I hope.

Update: We have a new beta build out which may fix the idle issue. Please try updating and do let us know whether it helps.

Steps to update:

  1. Navigate to the channel on your Roku
  2. Press the * (star) button on your remote
  3. Press “Check for updates”
  4. When updated to this version, the same screen will show “Version 1.0 • build 5”


Seemed to last longer than before reverting but still reverting.

Plugged it all back in for the first time since above post…seems to work!! Maybe the reboot…?

Thank You!! :beers:

Did this get taken down from Roku? Not on my system anymore and the code from the link does not seem to re-add it. Thanks

I lost it as well. Maybe he gave up on it?

Sorry, this is a temporary problem with the Roku beta channel (remember that “potential for small interruption” warning above).

Roku support is not going away, we’re getting close to a production release. Working to get this fixed in the meantime.

Awesome! I’ll keep my Fire Stick plugged in in the meantime. Thanks for all your hard work

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We’ve root caused the issue: Roku deleted our beta channel. This caught us off guard but is “just the way they do things” for beta channels - they’re automatically & unceremoniously deleted after a few months.

We’ve recreated it here - unfortunately, you will need to re-install & re-pair. Can you give that a shot and report back?

I apologize for the inconvenience. This should not be a problem once we release to production… soon!

It’s back. Thanks!

One odd ‘issue’ I’m pretty sure you can’t diagnose but throwing it out there…I’ve got Roku plugged into a monitor. The monitor is plugged into a motion detector switch and goes to sleep. When it wakes up, only when Taplist is live, the monitor blinks on off. I can see Taplist is running when it blinks on but it only stays on for a second or less, goes dark for a few seconds and repeats. Thanks for any thoughts, like I said, only Taplist (will ditch the motion switch if I have to…).

Up and working for me. I’ll leave it on overnight and see if it times out. Report back soon :+1:

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Stayed on overnight. I think you got it!

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Excellent, thank you for the report, it’s much appreciated! We’ll very likely be getting this build out through the app store, then continue development in the public channel.