Beta Announcement: comes to Roku!

We’ve now got a working TV app for Roku! Are you interested in testing? Please reply and here & we’ll get instructions out.

This will be a closed beta until we’re convinced it’s stable and bug free. So far so good, but, now we need some more eyes and ears. Thanks in advance

I’d be interested in trying it since I have a Roku TV

Sure, I’d be interested in testing it out.

I have DM’d the folks above!

I am interested! Let me know

DM’d! Thanks very much :raised_hands:

I’d be interested in trying it out.

Please add us to the Roku test group. Just upgraded to PRO subscription.

I’d be happy to test if you need more eyes.

I’ve recently re-subscribed. I’d be interested in testing Roku.

I’ll help test it out.

It’s awesome to see all the interest here! We’re super excited to unlock access to a bajillion new devices.

Here’s how to test:

  1. Visit our Beta channel here: Roku . Be sure you are signed in to the same account as you use on the roku device.
  2. Click “add channel”
  3. Should show up on your TV after that.

Please keep the following in mind:

  • After we complete the beta, you may need to re-install the channel from the public release (potential for small interruption)

I would love any feedback you have - good, bad, anything - in this thread! Thanks much.

Using on TCL Roku TV in our taproom. Pro subscription with image playlist carousel. Here are issues we are having… Not sure which are Roku app issues and which are Playlist issues.

  1. Images must be JPG format. PNG can be uploaded and seen in dashboard but don’t appear on screen…just black page.
  2. Adding a new image makes random other images not show up unless we change timing on all other images.
  3. Roku app timed out at 4 hours earlier in the week, at about 2 hours last night, even though all TV and Roku settings for bandwidth saving and sleep timing are set to not timeout.

Thanks for the report! Just the kind of things we hope to uncover in beta. We’re looking into these now and should have an update (and a fresh build) in a day or two.

Encountering the same as Issue #3 from @foothillhops

Roku timing out at 2 hours, kicks back to icon

Can you try disabling the screen saver on the device? Or let me know if it was already disabled.

It should be under: Settings → Theme → Screensaver wait time → Disable screensaver

(We’re learning that the Roku developer platform doesn’t have great options for us here, still researching best workarounds.)

Tried our playlist on the same TV but bought a FireTV stick and all is well, so the issues all seem to be with either the ROKU app or some fluke thing with TCL ROKU TV. Let us know when there is a new version on Roku to try.

Screensaver was disabled and TV set to not time out prior to this behavior. Sorry.

Any updates or is this dead in the water?