Beer.XML Imports

Hey Kegbot,

Any chance you would consider adding an automatic parser for Beer.XML files? I would love to be able to automatically populate my Tap List from my digital brew logs.

I can’t attach an XML, but they are pretty commonly available if you wanted to look at one. The code is pretty self-explanatory though :slight_smile:

<EST_COLOR>9.36</EST_COLOR> <IBU>64.51</IBU> <IBU_METHOD>Tinseth</IBU_METHOD> <EST_ABV>5.6</EST_ABV> <EST_OG>1.055 sg</EST_OG> <EST_FG>1.012 sg</EST_FG> <OG>1.055</OG> <FG>1.012</FG>


I like it! So I guess this would be a way to import a set of Recipes & merge them into the beverage DB, with name, og/fg, ibu, and color?

Exactly, although each .xml file only has one recipe in it.

Most brewing software will give you the final beer specifications for your recipes, it would be a handy way to import them here.

The main site has a breakdown of the standard.

Great suggestion, this would make it really easy for me (and I’m sure other homebrewers) to pull beers right out of Beersmith and import them into I already do this with Strangebrew Elsinore.

Would y’all have some example links to beer smith recipes?

I sent you some example beerXML files exported from BeerSmith, I could not post them to the forum as they were unsupported format.

And I agree this would be a great feature for home brewers.

Any updates on this? Love the idea.

As a homebrewer, I love this idea!!

Stay tuned! On deck for a big release in the next month or so.

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