Beer Styles not showing up!

Hi I just Discover Taplist and it is Great!!! I created a Beverage= Beer but when I tried to put the Style there’s nothing in the dropdown menu!!! I am missing something?? Also It would be Great to have a Custom Style entry so we can put our Own Styles!!! Super Great App!!! Keep up the Good Work!!

Sorry about that! Styles are once again editable; will be pushing a template update soon that makes them visible, too.

Hi Mikey!! Thanks for the Update!! A feature request!! Can we have a Style button in the Look and Feel page to be able to show the Beer Style? The only we (that I now) to put the Style in the display is putting it on the description!!! Thanks again for this great Tool!!!

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Hello! Styles are now rendering properly in the Dense theme: New theme! Dense (beta)

Will be updating Griddy soon, too. Cheers!