Beer specific QR

Anyone here use Untappd (

They have this feature where you can link to specific beers to check them in. Even cooler, they have a QR specific link that will open a given beer in the app when the QR code is scanned. Untappd doesn’t give you a QR itself but it gives you a specific link to generate a QR code yourself. See here:

And an example URL:
If you open it via scanning a QR code generated with the URL, it will automatically open in the app

I was going to ask for an Untappd integration, but I realize that not everyone uses Untappd and there may be other reasons or services to link specific beers/kegs to. Potentially product websites or brewery websites if a bar, like most bars do, sells product from multiple breweries/sources.

My use case is specific, I’m using as a home brewer and I want my friends to be able to easily check in my beers when they pour one but a bar or brewery may also have a similar use case.

I would like to be able to add a QR code per keg on the tap list. I realize that I can use the beer’s logo image to upload an image of the QR code itself but it seems reasonable to have a separate area for it.

Would it be possible to add a URL field in the Beverage Edit area for generating a QR code as well an additional option to add it to a display menu? I’m not sure if it makes sense on the web menu as a QR code but it could be offered as a clickable link.

We could definitely make something like this work! We have QR rendering elsewhere, so mostly just about customizing the beverage & menu inputs.

Tracking this now!

I’ve done it using the beer logo.
It does take away the keg image that shows the amount left.

I’ve generated some Untappd QR codes for my home-brews and think its very cool, however I’m not sure how you could display these on a Taplist screen without taking up a lot of space. If you can pull it off then it would be a nice feature :slight_smile: