Awards Option by Beer Stats

I think an awards won option may play well being placed somewhere near the beer stats, maybe a dropdown for place awarded and a field to enter what competition it won at? It’s easy to put it in the description, but if it was in a consistent place, it may be more noticeable. Thoughts?

I was just thinking about this last week, I recently picked up a silver medal in a state brew comp. Would be nice to be able to put a medal icon next to the beer’s listing.

I like it! I’ll keep this feature open as we’ve been thinking about a tagging system for customizations like this.

One thing you can try today – bit of a hack, but it does work – is adding an emoji in the beverage title. I just visited one of our Pro customers who does this to indicate beer is “canned”:


And even better for awards, there are actually appropriate emoji: :1st_place_medal::2nd_place_medal::3rd_place_medal: etc…

I actually do my Taplist on a laptop, but used my iPhone to add the medal emoji to the beverage name :+1: