Atwater Artisan Alewerks Taplist (and an issue)

Here is my taplist mounted on an old TV, I’m in the process of finishing the basement and the taps will be mounted on the center of the wall. There is a slight issue though. On the TV the taplist displays uncentered. It’s too high and all of the text is blurry. I’m using a FireTV Stick to push this to the TV, is there something I can do to fix this? The taplist seems to display fine when viewing it on the web.


And here’s the other image, only 1 allowed per post apparently?

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Thanks for posting! (Sorry about the image limit, still working out the forum software.)

Can definitely fix the centering issue, I’ll try to get that squared away and respond here. The good news is it should automatically reload once fixed, no changes needed on your end.

The blurry text is more of a concern. Is it possible your TV is displaying in 720p mode instead of 1080p? With a lower pixel density, I could see how that layout would be more difficult to read.

Thanks for putting up a forum & for creating a pretty kickass service/software/app/saas?

Regarding the centering, just let me know when you’ve implemented something and I’ll check the TV to see how things look.

I’ll double-check the TV but I am almost positive it is displaying in 720p. Will let you know once I get home tonight and I can check.

Cool, that’ll be great to understand!

FYI, the resolution is now being reported back to the dashboard in the Displays section. You may need to reload the list (hit “back” once or twice on the remote / relaunch the app) for it to be seen.

Yep, it’s 720p. Let me know if you implement a font zoom and I’ll give it a shot!