Are Emoji's Supported?

Hello, I have used Emojis in the past but it seems that more and more I get question marks instead of the emoji. What am I doing wrong?

They definitely are meant to be! Looking into this as a possible bug/regression, stay tuned.

Bug confirmed! It affected only newly-created/edited beverages and similar object types. The fix is rolling out and should be deployed within the next 10 minutes.

For any item which has been saved with ?? question marks, simply re-edit the item with the desired emoji. And please do shout here if you run into any further issues here.

My apologies for the issue, and thanks for writing in.

Looks like the bug is back.

Hmm, what exact operation triggers it for you? I just tried a few different cases and was unable to repro. (It is possible I am getting different results due to different flags enabled on my account.)