App Not In The App Store


The app does not show up in the UK App Store. Are you aware?


Hmm! That’s news to us, will look into it - is this iOS, or Google Play, or Amazon?

Hi Mikey!


I would upload a screen shot but it appears you cannot do that on here. ‘You are not allowed to embed media….’


Got it! Thanks, investigating…

(And sorry on the screenshot thing - think our anti-spam setting are a little too strict right now, will get that relaxed too.)

Thanks Mikey, let me know when it’s available. I understand Apple can be slow approving apps.

Just to double check - what device are you searching the App Store with?

iPad, iPhone.

I can see no in the App Store.

Same here in the UK.

Any update on this?


So, the app is currently TV-only. This is not a regional restriction but a device type.

We should get iPad unlocked. But not sure about iPhone. Are you actually hoping to use it there…?

Hi Mikey,

I have an iPad sunk into the wall in the house, I would like to use that as the display.

iPhone would be pretty pointless IMO.


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Ok gotcha. Will get it sorted!

This will be brilliant on the iPad as it’ll free my TV up for sports!!!

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Just checked and still no sign of the app for iPad… Has it been submitted?

Little hiccup with the process but we’re charging through - thanks for your patience, wont be long now!


How’s this one going?

Apologies for the inordinate delay here. We had to get some changes performed on the backend in order to support this reliably (long and boring story).

Good news, we’re almost over the hump: New build submitted to the app store today. I expect a couple days for testing + release!

I’ll follow up here once a new TestFlight build is available; that should be within ~24hr based on past experience. Real soon now!

It’s available! Would any iPad users be willing to give the new release a test?

It’s available in testflight, you can self-enroll (if not already enrolled) here: Join the beta - TestFlight - Apple


Will activate this weekend. Thanks.

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Thanks @LeeH - let me know how it goes, we’re ready to release the sucker!