App Not In The App Store


The app does not show up in the UK App Store. Are you aware?


Hmm! That’s news to us, will look into it - is this iOS, or Google Play, or Amazon?

Hi Mikey!


I would upload a screen shot but it appears you cannot do that on here. ‘You are not allowed to embed media….’


Got it! Thanks, investigating…

(And sorry on the screenshot thing - think our anti-spam setting are a little too strict right now, will get that relaxed too.)

Thanks Mikey, let me know when it’s available. I understand Apple can be slow approving apps.

Just to double check - what device are you searching the App Store with?

iPad, iPhone.

I can see no in the App Store.

Same here in the UK.

Any update on this?


So, the app is currently TV-only. This is not a regional restriction but a device type.

We should get iPad unlocked. But not sure about iPhone. Are you actually hoping to use it there…?

Hi Mikey,

I have an iPad sunk into the wall in the house, I would like to use that as the display.

iPhone would be pretty pointless IMO.


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Ok gotcha. Will get it sorted!

This will be brilliant on the iPad as it’ll free my TV up for sports!!!

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Just checked and still no sign of the app for iPad… Has it been submitted?