Amazon Underground Store

I’m using a kindle fire for my display, but it’s rooted with stock android so no amazon store. I installed the amazon underground store. When I search for,it finds it, but it doesn’t show anything. By widening the search to the category, it showed other items, and there was a blank spot where taplist should be. You can’t select it and install it then.

Anyone else try from the underground store? (

So, the app is in the main Amazon app store, but I’m not sure that makes it available in underground, too. In fact I’d be somewhat surprised if it was since underground is sort of a different pricing/billing model.

I have no problem hosting the APK for sideloads, although it’ll be hard for me to support a lot of odd configurations, so you’ll be on your own for updates. Really if there is a way to un-root, or run the stock Amazon store, that’s probably your best bet — no need to root for anyway.

yeah you’re right. I’ll do that

Interesting. on the Fire, I get the “ won’t run without Google Play Services”

OK, I sideloaded the Play Services and now it works, but the resolution is off. It works fine in the brower, but not in the app

Edit: I should say it looked great in stock android with a fullscreen browser. I tried a few browsers in fireOS and they resolution is still off. Weird.