Adjusting Display Size

Hi, its been awhile since I had some beers on tap and just ran this and noticed the display doesn’t look the same. Looks like you made changes.

So I have a firestick, went and downloaded the app, and linked the display. But now the taplist gets cropped off. How do I adjust that? When I go to displays it says no display is detected and I don’t see anything in the settings of Look and Feel that affect it.


Sorry about that! What happened: Some code was accidentally pushed without being synchronized to the displays. If you loaded your display during this time, you might have gotten odd-looking layout. It’s pretty likely that’s what hit you – so please try reloading, and write back if still having trouble!

I’ve tried reloading and nothing has worked. The left side is being cropped off on the display. Is there a way to scale back the size so it all fits on the screen? I know it’s been awhile but having a party this saturday and want to be able to see the whole label on the left. The old version had more room.

Just a theory, but what zoom size do you have selected? I would change this setting which usually forces a re-render, and could even be part of the problem in the first place. Also, you may need to uninstall the app and reinstall if it continues to stick with the bad render