Added kegs, can I switch from Tap 5 to On deck?

I added all my kegs, but I never saw the option to label them as on deck. I just added them as new taps. Is there a way to remove, say tap 6 to on deck?

Nevermind, got it figured out.
Just ended the keg, then went to the bev. database, selected the beer, click on “create/ tap keg” and selected move to on deck.
Loving this so far. Just have to sync it to the fire stick and mount the TV on the wall.

Glad you sorted it!

It’s a little cumbersome but there’s another way you can move an “on tap” keg to “on deck”:

  • End the keg
  • Go find the “kicked” keg in the keg room and click the “unkick” button
  • Now you should have an option to move it to on deck