Add "Empty" placeholder or still show pinned tap, even with no beverage assigned

I have 3 taps that I’d like to show regardless if there is a beverage assigned to it or not. Currently I don’t see a way to show a tap on the screen but list it as empty or unassigned. Whenever that tap is on assigned, it disappears, can get confusing if you have a screen directly over the taps. I’d like the ability to still show all taps even if they’re unassigned, and to be able to put an empty placeholder in so it’s quick and easy to view

Example image below. For this I had to create a brand new beverage called empty and then name it coming soon.

Would love the ability to be able to use on deck and have it show on pinned taps.

Are you using the jumbo theme?

Hey, I’m using the “grid” theme. I found an option to “show offline taps” that seems to help a bit. It shows the tap even when nothing is assigned. But now the issue is that is shows a random “full” glass…would be nice to show an empty glass, or no image at all


I’m using the grid theme and get the random full glass problem too on a tap when I end a keg. But not on all taps. I have a second menu section, with additional taps, and I ended a keg on that section and it correctly shows the empty keg illustration.

I’ve been checking every setting I can think of to get rid of the glass illustration on that tap but nothing works. Frustrating.

Sorry for the frustration, we’ll get this fixed up.

In the affected section, at the bottom, can you press “Section settings” and see if you have it set to “Glassware” (instead of “Auto”, the default)?

I still think we can do better here - but we’re trying to make sure we understand the repro first.

Hey Mikey,

My section is set to “auto” and is displaying a full glass. I tried changing it but nothing happened.

Would be nice to see an offline tap specific illustration (empty glass for glassware…or just a general illustration for tap offline)

Thanks for looking into this!!

Hi Mikey,

Sorry it’s taken me so long to reply to your question. Like Crazy Dog, that section for me is also set to “auto”. I just kicked another keg on a pinned tap in that section. It says “tap offline” (which is good) but shows a full glass of beer (not ideal to me), same as my other pinned tap with no keg attached. Thanks for your help!

  • Dave

I have the same issues and reported it to support. In the past it all worked as expected (an empty tap showed up as ‘offline’ in my menu and showed an empty keg (not a full beer glass). So something broke in a code update.
I have been able to do a kludge workaround by creating a beverage called ‘Empty’ but would rather not have to do that.

@mikey - it would be awesome to be able to upload our own “empty” image to be displayed when a tap is empty/offline. An empty keg is nice, but ideally i’d be able to choose a different image, or an empty glass to keep things consistent with custom themes