Add a keg from existing beverage server error!

We have just started using Taplist, and all was good initially until a few days ago when the ‘On Tap | Add a Keg | From Existing Beverage | Search Beverages’ functionality stopped working completely!!??

We now can’t update our tap list using this method. I am using a Mac and have tried both Safari and Chrome browsers - same problem with both. I type the beer name (nothing happens, previously the beer would auto-search). When I click Return, I get an error screen saying “Oops! We had an error. Something unexpected occurred; this error has been reported and we will look at it soon.”

As yet I have had no response on chat, and the problem persists.

Anyone else out there seen this, or knows how to fix it?

We are a little concerned, as this is our taproom menu system and if it doesn’t get fixed we are going to need to get another solution.

Thanks in advance for any help.

Having the same problem - Using Firefox. Having to update taps the long way.

Hey folks! This is now fixed.

Apologies for the slow response here; long weekend combined with an error in our crash logger meant I didn’t see this. Also, the whole “tapper” system will be getting a much-needed overhaul soon, making it easier to select beverages. cheers!