Active tap limit?

Is there a tap limit? We have a brewery that has 32 taps. Ideally we’d like to display the taplist on a tablet (potentially a mobile phone). Is there any mobile capability to this list? If they can’t all fit on a screen, how does the user move back and forth?

Thank you!

There’s no practical tap limit!

The number that fit on screen is dynamic; it will depend on the number of features you have turned on (like whether or not to show a description), and of course the size of the screen.

When there are more taps than can fit, the display automatically separates them into multiple pages in a carousel, rotating between them.

You can simulate this by populating your taps, then go in to Look and Feel settings to play with the options. A real-time preview window will show you how it would appear on a 1920x1080 (tv-sized) display.