Aaron's Shed is Online

Hello! Just setup my new profile. I’m a homebrewer in Memphis, TN and this is exactly what I was looking for to spruce up my brewspace a bit. Unfortunately, I’m already having some issues with what my Look and Feel preview shows vs what the my Taplist page shows. Things selected aren’t showing up, the formatting is totally between the two, etc. I’m currently browsing previous posts for some help here, but any extra help would be terrific! Thanks and cheers!

Welcome aboard!

Regarding differences - these are probably what you need:

can you snap pics/screen shots of both the preview display and the actual display? Also a screnshot of your ‘look and feel’ settings, then we can probably find the issue. I’ve also run into problems when setting the taps per page and the number of columns plus zoom, so I might be able to suss out the problem

Thanks Mikey for these links. It was indeed the desktop mode that was causing the different look. Thanks for including the other link too. I already have a laptop setup in my brew space that hosts BrewPi and is always on. As my brew space is small (and in a shed), buying a TV dedicated just to this seemed a bit unnecessary. So the solution of using my existing BrewPi host computer to run my Taplist display is perfect!