4K vs 1080P TV Display Resolution

I’m going to pick up a new TV today to test out Taplist.io. Is there a difference between the Fire TV output on a 4k tv vs a 1080p tv?


– Joe

I’m referring to the quality of the text and artwork. I’ve seen some menu boards used on a 1080p TV and the text is blocky. (jagged edges).

Good question!

First, be sure you have a 4K compatible fire stick. I think the latest edition is literally called Fire TV Stick 4K.

Taplist.io mostly renders vector fonts and components on the stick, so most things should scale quite nicely. Some exceptions:

  • Illustrations we generate have a fixed pixel density (will verify later today)
  • Artwork/images you upload will be limited to whatever pixel density you provided

I know there are quite a few 4K stick users but I’m not sure if they’re on the forums. Haven’t heard any quality issues, but maybe someone can chime in.

I tested the display output on my 70" 1080p TV. The quality looks very good at 10 feet away. At 3 feet, I can see the individual pixels. This is a limitation of the pixel density and has not a limitation of your software. If the fonts are vector fonts then they should look 4x better on a 4k TV. If the artwork is not vector then there may be no improvement. In any event, the quality is still very good.

I should receive my 4k fire stick tomorrow.


I installed the 4k fire stick and can confirm that the display is definitely better than 1080p. The fonts and the images are noticeably sharper at close range.