2 x 2 display or Tiles

I love the jumbo view because you can really show off your artwork but the way it displays on a web browser it doesn’t maximize the space, the text extends past the logo width, claiming the horizontal space for that tap but then not using it for the logo. I work around this by zooming in to like 150 or 175% on Chrome and going full screen until the logo and text take up the same space. It would be cool if you could set the tap as a tile where w/in that tile the logo and text are balanced. then you could maximize readability of the text w/ the maximum size of the logo. W/ Tiles i think you could get a really nice 2x2 layout for 4 taps w/ larger logos. The griddy is great for the text but if you have 4 taps and short descriptions you end up w/ a log of wasted space, and small logos and text (though the text scaling your working will probably help that?)

not sure if that makes sense